GCTM Elections 2015 Ballot

The deadline for casting your vote for the 2015 GCTM elections is Friday, May 17th

The following candidates are running for office this year. Simply click on any name below to find out more information about that candidate.

At some point between April 30th and May 6th, each GCTM member will be emailed a unique ballot number. To make sure that you receive a ballot, you might want to log into your account now and make sure your email address is current.

When you are ready to vote, follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. Enter the ballot number that was sent to you by email here:
    You might wish to copy and paste it to avoid transcription errors

  2. Select the candidates for which you wish to vote:


    Vice-President for Awards and Honors

    Vice-President for Constitution and Policies


  3. Cast your ballot by clicking the button below.
    If you make a mistake, don't worry -- you may resubmit your ballot. Only the last ballot submitted will be tallied.

For the small number of GCTM members without email addresses on file, don't worry -- you will be sent a paper ballot with separate instructions for casting your vote. Paper ballots must be postmarked by May 11th.

We appreciate your taking a moment of your time in the coming weeks to attend to this important task. GCTM is what it is only because of the support of people like you.