Call for Manuscripts / Author Guidelines

Call for Manuscripts

Please consider submitting a manuscript for the Reflections journal that addresses one of the following areas:

  • Topics: GPS implementation manuscripts are needed. For example, instructional strategies to teach GPS, GPS implementation issues, working with special populations in a GPS environment and sample student task solutions are some of the ideas of interest.

  • Teaching Tips Ideas: Share with your fellow teachers a pearl of instruction or assessment wisdom you have used in your classroom. Topics include how to design and implement effective warm-ups, strategies for implementing journal writing, etc. Manuscripts published in this section are typically one page in length.

Author Guidelines

  • Manuscript Format: Manuscripts are blind reviewed by members of the editorial review board. For this reason, each manuscript should include a cover sheet containing: title of manuscript, author’s name, position and email address. Identifying information should not appear elsewhere in the manuscript in order to ensure an impartial review. Manuscripts should be double-spaced, with 1-inch margins on all sides, typed in 12-point font and follow the APA 6th Edition style guide. Manuscripts should be submitted in MS Word. If you have a picture or graphic in the text, please include the original picture(s) in a separate file.

  • Manuscript Submission: Manuscripts should be submitted to Cheryl Hughes ( Receipt of manuscripts will be acknowledged. Manuscripts are accepted for consideration with the understanding that they have not been published previously and are not being considered simultaneously for publication elsewhere.

  • Manuscript Publication: When a manuscript is accepted for publication, the editor/journal reviewers may make suggestions or revisions in consultation with the principal author. However, because of publication deadlines the editor reserves the right to make minor revisions without seeking prior approval from the author. Release statements for all copyrighted materials must be received prior to publication.