Candidate for Vice President for Awards and Honors

Basil G. Lee

Present position: Life Member, Annual Presenter

Universities Attended and Degrees Held

  • Cornell University
    Bachelor of Science Mechanical Engineering

  • University of West Georgia
    Master of Arts Secondary Mathematics Education

  • University of West Georgia
    Education Specialist Secondary Mathematics Education

Professional Experience

  • Langston Hughes High School – Fulton County, Mathematics Teacher
  • The Ron Clark Academy - Mathematics Teacher
  • Benjamin Banneker High School – Fulton County, Mathematics Teacher
  • Paul D. West Middle School – Fulton County, Mathematics Teacher
  • The Clorox Company – Forest Park, Georgia – Manufacturing Engineer
  • The Procter and Gamble Company – Cincinnati, Ohio – Product Engineer

GCTM Offices/Committees

  • -

Other Professional Organizations and Offices

  • GCTM Life Member
  • NCTM


  • Teacher of the Year – Benjamin Banneker High School
  • Educator of the Year – Atlanta Braves Foundation
  • High School Teacher of the Year – Fulton County
  • Overall Teacher of the Year – Fulton County
  • GCTM Excellence in Teaching Mathematics - Secondary

Candidate Statement

My mother was born and raised on a farm in Mississippi. She became an elementary school teacher, moved away, married, and had three sons. When I was four my parents were divorced. My brothers and I spent our childhood summers with grandma, granddaddy, aunts, uncles, and cousins. We baled hay, shucked corn, chewed sugar cane, slopped hogs, gathered brown eggs for breakfast, and performed other farm duties. My mother, without my knowledge, was teaching me the value of family support and that accomplishments come from teamwork and hard work. In the seventh grade I brought home an unsatisfactory report card and mom uttered these words to me, "If you succeed in education, you succeed in life."

Effective mathematics education today is critical to productive citizens. Use of technology is evident in virtually every career. Proper use of technology enhances math education. Interdisciplinary units enhance math education. Teachers should know the background of their students. Use of this knowledge coupled with technology can render a level playing field. Economically disadvantaged students, middle, and upper class students will benefit. After all, "If you succeed in education, you succeed in life."

My passion is instructing students and educators. I have attended and/or presented at Rock Eagle for more than a decade. I am a Life Member of GCTM. Although I enjoyed my engineering career at Procter and Gamble and The Clorox Company, I receive more satisfaction assisting students and educators. Leading by example was instilled in me by my mother. That is why I believe, "If you succeed in education, you succeed in life!"