Messages from your Region Representatives

Northwest Region - Karen Lawrence and Bonnie Angel

Karen Lawrence 

Sometimes teachers tell me how discouraged they are. they tell me how they feel like they are puppets and their whole countenance screams depressed. Believe me, I have been there on more than one occasion; however, I have to remember who I am. When people say, "Why do you do what you do?" I respond," Because I love what I do." Most days I feel like I'm on a live Art Linkletter show (I know some of you are going to have to Google that.) 
I love spending my days with kids watching them grow and mature. When they make wise choices, I feel like I had a smart part in that. I love giving parents insights into their child's character they have never seen before.

So why do I do what I do? It's because of the bank teller, the dental assistant, the policeman, the fireman, the full time mom, the lawyer, the scout leader, the computer programmer, the Sunday School teacher and the chemistry teacher I taught back when they were teenagers. I walk in my community and get greeted fondly. I am proud to be a part of something much bigger than the EOCT, CRCT, GHSWT, GHSGT, and MGWA tests.

Try to put it into perspective. A test or several tests do not place value on a person. That can only be done through the test of time. So do something differently this year, something other than what you have tried in the past. Love what you do and love who you are with. Throw those building blocks down and give your students a hand up.

Karen Lawrence

Metro West Region - Lynn Stallings and Jackie Burns

Lynn Stallings  Jackie Burns

The Metro West Region is excited about the 2013-2014 school year! As you enjoy these last few weeks of summer, make your plans to join us at Rock Eagle for the Georgia Mathematics Conference. As your Metro West Region Representatives, we want to take a minute to introduce ourselves.

Lynn Stallings: As one of the university-level educators on the GCTM Board, my goal is to ensure that all levels of mathematics educators work seamlessly together for Georgia’s kids. Over my thirty years of teaching experience (Kennesaw State University currently, before that Georgia State University and Dekalb County), I bring to the board a a passion for mathematics education in Georgia and an appreciation of our history.

Jackie Burns: Have you ever read Dr. Seuss’ The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins? Mathematically speaking, I wear several hats – K-12 math specialist, facilitator of professional learning, tutor, and GCTM Rep to name a few. My passion for learning and teaching mathematics has led to some pretty awesome experiences – from facilitating the Grade 3 session in several of last summer’s GCTM Summer Math Academies, to facilitating professional learning sessions with and for Dr. William McCallum (lead writer of the common core math standards). Other “math fun” includes working with Grade 4 teachers in the Coastal Plains RESA/Valdosta State University Summer MSP program.

As your Metro West Region Representatives, we need your support and active involvement! Please make plans to attend the Caucus during the Georgia Mathematics Conference in October. Until then, let’s stay e-connected; check out and share Jackie’s math blog at for math resources, as well as the latest math updates, opportunities, research, and news. You can also follow Jackie on Twitter @FCSMathLeader. Lynn is one of the administrators of the GCTM Facebook page, so recommends you “like” it as another way to stay in touch with Georgia’s mathematics education community. We look forward to seeing you at Rock Eagle!

Lynn -

Metro East Region - Sharquinta Tuggle and Simone Wells Heard


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Northeast Region - Kay Haugen and Seyoung Holte

Kay Haugen  Seyoung Holte

Summer is fast approaching its end and a new school year with CCGPS will be here soon. Now more than ever, it is important for us to network and share ideas for student success as we implement a new and more rigorous curriculum. I encourage each and every one of you to participate in the discussion at so that we can learn from each other.

I look forward to seeing you at Rock Eagle this year. In addition to the wonderful and informative sessions, the inspiring key-note speeches, and the ever-popular exhibit hall, please make plans to attend your region meeting on Thursday afternoon. I look forward to seeing my fellow Northeast Region teachers there.

Feel free to email me with questions or suggestions on how to serve you better. My email address is

Kay Haugen
GCTM Northeast Region Rep

Central East Region - Valerie Flagg

Greetings All Educators of the Central East Region,

Thank you for all of your hard work in assisting our state with our year of implementation of Common Core. Now that we have all gotten our feet wet with the new standards, we are on our way to more success and progress as we work together through the experiences we all share. It gives your Central East Region Representatives (Lynn Janes & Valerie Flagg) great pleasure to know that were are collaborating to newer heights for the academic success of our future leaders and mathematicians as we develop mathematically proficient students.

As I, Valerie Flagg, look forward to a productive academic year, I would like to briefly introduce myself. Currently, I am a 4th grade teacher at Union Elementary School in Bibb County of Macon, GA. I have been teaching for seven consecutive years and have taught grades 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. I am actively pursuing a Ph.D. in Curriculum & Instruction from Mercer University in which my research interest lie in early childhood mathematics and students who attend schools in low socioeconomic status communities. My goals are to assist with meeting the needs of all students to ensure equity, success, and love. Again, I look forward to working with many of the Central East Region educators this school term and look forward to meeting and sharing ideas with you this year at Rock Eagle.

You work is always appreciated!

Valerie L. Flagg, Central East Region Representative Intern

Southeast Region - Emma Salzar and Marvin G. Fuller


Emma & I hope each of you had a restful summer and are excited about the 2013-2014 school year! David Hilbert, a 19th century mathematician, noted "mathematics is a game played according to certain rules with meaningless marks on paper". The CCGPS Frameworks and the Standards of Mathematical Practice help our students make meaning out of those meaningless marks. Be sure to check out Learning Village, as many new things have been added to the Frameworks including Formative Assessment Lessons (FALs). As your southeastern regional representatives for GCTM, we hope to see you in Rock Eagle October 16th-18th and look forward to working with you this year. If you need our assistance, please email us at or

Marvin G. Fuller, M.Ed.

Professional Learning Mathematics Coach

Savannah-Chatham County Public School System

Southwest Region - Jason Williams and Kim Conley


A new school year has begun!

I hope those of you that attended the GCTM Academies found something useful that you can take back to your colleagues but more than that I hope you made new friends to share with throughout the year. Also make sure to check out the new CCGPS units on the Georgia Learning Village. The course guides have a wealth of information and great resources, and the frameworks have been updated!

Please make sure to attend GMC 2013 and try to stay at Rock Eagle to take part in all of the sessions, events, and activities!!

We are looking forward to meeting you, discussing your needs, addressing your questions, and helping to make teaching the Common Core enjoyable and successful.

Jason F. Williams
Southwest Region Representative
Kim Conley, Intern

Central West Region - Kenneth Jones and Cathy Franklin

Kenneth Jones  Cathy Franklin

I want to thank everyone who attended the recent GCTM Academy held at Carver High School in Columbus. Hopefully this professional learning experience helped prepare you for the new school year. A special thanks goes out to Mr. Chris Lindsey, Carver's principal, for all of his support in making his wonderful facilities and support staff, cheerleaders,and ROTC students available to us. The many volunteers who gave of their time to facilitate setting up for the Academy and taking care of the many behind the scenes duties that helped make the Academy a success also deserve special thanks. I hope that all you you who attended this Academy, or any of the others, will go back and share what you learned with others in your area. Stay in touch with people you met so that you can share ideas during the year.

Plan now to attend the Georgia Mathematics Conference at Rock Eagle in October. This is another great opportunity to get new ideas for improving instruction in your classroom. Make plans now and put in your requests to your school system as soon as you start back to school so that you'll have the opportunity to attend.

Take a few minutes this summer to think of teachers in your area who are doing great things and consider nominating them for one of GCTM's awards. I know there are many teachers in the Central West Region who are doing some exciting things in their classrooms so let's make sure that they get the recognition that they deserve.

Kenneth Jones, Master Teacher
UTeach Columbus
FOB 304